We teach voice ONLINE, IN-STUDIO and IN YOUR HOME.

First off, I want to say Karin is an exceptional teacher! She has an infectious enthusiasm for seeing her students improve which makes the learning process both fun and attainable. With her knowledge and passion for music and teaching, I saw major growth in my singing!
— Jared
From the bottom of my heart, I would truly like to thank Christen Blair Horne for a wonderful and eye opening experience with my first 1 on 1 voice lesson! If I can describe it in few words: Patient and professional! Christen, thank you for making a safe and comfortable environment in which I felt like I learned a lot and flourished! Guys and gals! This girl has so much knowledge and makes it so much fun! Hit her up if you are in the San Diego area and want to give voice lessons a shot! You won’t regret it!
— Kristen

You already know how to sing. We’re just here to remind you.

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We are passionate about helping people find, embrace, and use their voices healthily and courageously. We believe that anyone can sing and that confidence can be taught and learned. We believe that learning to sing is catalytic to building personal confidence. As teachers, we strive to empower our students not only to sing, but to free their voices to express themselves more and more fully.

All our students feel empowered! We make sure we get to know each of them as individuals so we can best help them tap into their potential and discover their true voice:

  • We provide a clear lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels, and performances.

  • We use a song-based teaching system so our students are learning songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.

  • We don’t overbook ourselves so our current clients get the full benefit of our energy.

Music lessons have other great benefits, such as

  • better grades

  • higher self-esteem

  • more confidence

  • good social skills

We’ve seen this proven over and over, and we know that we’re teaching so much more than music.